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Maker of the Month!

UpdatesSally Cooke
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I am very excited to be featured as Maker of the Month in the November issue of The Simple Things magazine. Thanks to the lovely Louise Garrod who also blogs, bakes and photographs at It's great to be seen in the company of Seasalt, Boden and Toast as well as other smaller brands on this wish list. The magazine is on sale in supermarkets (Waitrose, Tescos & Sainsburys) and WH Smiths - so I am hoping it will introduce me to lots of lovely people just in time for Christmas.

Adventures at New Designers One Year On 2017

ExhibitionsSally Cooke

Earlier this year I was given the fantastic opportunity to exhibit at New Designers One Year On at the Islington Business Design Centre.  

The One Year On exhibition is for those in their first year of business and is a fantastic platform for any new designer/maker. The opportunity to exhibit came with lots of advice and support from Rheanna Lingham of Luna & Curious who curated the whole thing with an expert eye, good humour and  admirable calm throughout and Patricia van den Akker from the The Design Trust who shared an enormous wealth of tips on costing, pricing, presenting and promoting work based on the Trust's impressive range of seminars and online resources.

For me, the months between selection and the exhibition at the end of June were a whirlwind of activity as I realised just how much work I had to do to make the most of the opportunity.

So how did it go? It's taken me until now to reflect on the experience and be ready to share my  highs and lows. The low point came early when,  having accepted my place and written a huge  to do list, I was  knocked off my bike by a taxi.  As I flew through the air, I had two memorable thoughts "this could be life changing" and "I don't have time for this!".  Thanks to my cycle helmet I came out of it just  battered and bruised, with my pride slightly dented as 20+ years of accident free city cycling came to an end. Although the accident didn't set me back for long the to do list continued to grow! 

There were a few other times when I felt out of my depth as I struggled with wholesale pricing, website and photography but once I got there, for the few days I was exhibiting in London I had a ball. I met lots of lovely people who were interested in my work. I made lots of individual sales  and  took a wholesale order. I've  been building on press, supplier and other contacts made at the show ever since and have finally launched my website. It's early days and the show came a little too soon for me if I am honest but the chance to exhibit at ND really made a difference. One of the best thing about it was exhibiting alongside a bunch of fantastically talented and creative women. Check out the wonderful: Phoebe Simpson; Wovenform and ae&studio

Finally, if anyone is considering applying for New Designers One Year On in 2018 I'd be really happy to chat to you and offer some advice based on my experience. If that's you, go to the contact page to get in touch.