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sallysally - so good they named it twice!

Sally Cooke
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I’ve been asked more than once why I called my business sallysally. Here’s my top six reasons:

  1. When the business was just an idea and my best mate’s husband was explaining domain names to me, he said ‘if your business was called sallysally for example…’ and we all agreed it wasn’t a bad name for a business…. Some wine had been drunk!

  2. A few months later, I pitched my idea as part of a business Summer School at Leeds Arts University using sallysally as the project’s pet name. People seemed to take the name to heart and I won a business mentoring award...

  3. I looked up the definition for the term ‘to sally forth’. It means ‘to leave a safe place in a brave or confident way in order to do something difficult’ which is 100% what starting a business feels like…

  4. Also, I’m sure I heard or read somewhere that it’s not what your brand is called but what it says that matters. I may have misheard but I knew I had plenty to say so I took this as a green light…

  5. When it came to the point that I had to commit – to domain names, labels, marketing etc. - every other name I came up with was compromised in some way – so sallysally became a thing…

  6. Now some people read the name ‘salllysally’ and say to me ‘so good they named it twice’ which sounds like a mission and that’s good enough for me!

Maker of the Month!

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I am very excited to be featured as Maker of the Month in the November issue of The Simple Things magazine. Thanks to the lovely Louise Garrod who also blogs, bakes and photographs at It's great to be seen in the company of Seasalt, Boden and Toast as well as other smaller brands on this wish list. The magazine is on sale in supermarkets (Waitrose, Tescos & Sainsburys) and WH Smiths - so I am hoping it will introduce me to lots of lovely people just in time for Christmas.