flat pack products to cut & sew

sallysally is a brand new craft-based business designing flat pack accessories and clothing for you to cut out and sew at home. The business is born of a love of making and the desire to share the joy of making with others.  

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I’m Sally (the one in the middle), a maker and textile print designer. I find making clothes fun and empowering and I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. I want to make it easy for more people to do the same. In 2017 I started talking about creating flat pack kit clothing for people to cut out and sew at home. Everyone I spoke to thought it was a great idea, so I set about making it happen. Like many things that are worthwhile it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. But I did it! 

 By combining contemporary print design with flat pattern outlines for garments and accessories the kits take all the tricky bits out of the start of the making process, so it’s as easy as possible for you to get good results.  You won’t need to work out how to align your fabric, transfer pattern information or cut your pieces out because there’s a dotted line for that and guide marks to show you where the pieces fit together. Kits include all the haberdashery items you need for the make and fully illustrated instructions to show you how. I’m not much into frills and complexity, just good print design, functionality and the joy of making.

 sallysally flat pack cut and sew kits are the result of lots of research, product development and testing. I hope they will inspire you to give sewing a(nother) go! And, for those who already do, I hope you will love the print design and the ease of cut and sew as much as my sample sewists and kit testers have.


Flat packs

All flat pack products are designed for you to cut out and sew at home. The print design and pattern outline (ie. cut line) are printed on a single piece of fabric. Each flat pack comes with the thread, essential haberdashery and full illustrated instructions for the make. Tips are included to highlight any tricky bits and explain new terms and techniques along the way. We also include a basic guide to hand and machine sewing to help the complete beginner or to share with a sew-curious friend.


Our readymade products are already sewn together. The majority of these are hand screen printed items based on the test pieces made when developing new kit or created as a result of other collaborations. Where these items are limited edition (usually 100 pieces per colour), each item will have an edition number on the label. From time to time we also sell some of our flat pack products ready made up. These are usually samples made during  testing and for fairs and photoshoots. Available in very limited numbers. 

When we engage more with material things they have more meaning. When you know how to sew you can also alter, remake, embellish and change things over time so they last longer in your life